Lessons in running basics

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on components of a workout. They haven’t been hill repeats, intervals, or progressions. In fact, I haven’t left the house for these exercises. I’ve been in my living room, barefoot and catching up on my beloved Red Sox. 

The exercises have been teaching me foot awareness. They’re designed to teach me to recognize how my foot is striking the ground. 

The initial exercises have been performed standing in place. I smoothly shift my balance between different areas of my feet to feel my weight move around. Then I shift my weight in a similar fashion, but I isolate my weight to the ball, heel, outside edges and inside edges. Hesitating at each position to “feel” my weight and position. 

The next portion of the workout involves running… In place. Again, it’s an exercise to increase awareness. How is my foot striking the ground? Am I being light on my feet? Does it feel labored? How does my upper body affect my running? Am I leaning forward, back or straight up? What feels better? These are a lot of questions to answer while performing this exercise. 

What I’ve found is that it feels more natural to lean slightly forward while running in place. I tried keeping my stride light and quick, but not forcing either aspect. 

All of this was followed with strength training, using my own body weight. 

While these exercises were not physically demanding, my brain did get a workout. I guess these exercises did their job! 

I’ll be repeating these exercises for the next few days. Then it will be on to lesson two! I love learning to run!


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