Running gear…

There are a plethora of running gear companies out there that make everything that you could possibly need for a run. And sometimes, they make things that you didn’t know you would ever need… but do.

Now I’ve tried gear from many of the big name companies out there. And they all make great gear. But I’ve found that, over the years, their gear gets diluted and lost among the multitude of fabric innovations or engineering feats within their own company, let alone when competing and comparing with each other. It got to the point where I stopped buying gear, because the gear I bought was obsolete as fast as a PC. But, I’ve recently found a few companiesΒ over the Β past couple of years that make gear that I use daily. Their gear makes sense. And their gear will stand the test of time (with myself).

My shoes: Altra, Zero Drop = Happy feet

My socks: Injinji, collectively known as toe socks = no blisters

My apparel: Rabbit, functional, sweet style, and simple

Hydration: Simple Hydration, the most clever water bottle design

I’m at a point where I just don’t see myself purchasing gear from anyone else. I’ve found what works for me.



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