Social Media Flurry…

What a flurry of activity from my social media feeds this past week! rabbit clothing announced their 2017-2018 RADrabbit team. “RAD” means Runners And Dreamers. And I’m so thankful to rabbit for choosing me to represent their company for a second year.

It has been exciting getting to know my new teammates and reconnecting with the other RADrabbbits that were invited back. Some of my teammates from last year became even RADder by moving up to the rabbitELITE team! The great thing is this… we truly come from all walks of life.

Instagram has allowed me to get a glimpse into their RAD lives. And it has also allowed me to cheer everyone on as they post their sweaty selfies after a run. Whatever the post may be, it’s nice to see other runners going after their dreams as well.

We all are Runners and Dreamers. And I hope that everyone never gives up on their running dreams! #RADrabbit #rabbitELITE #rabbitPRO


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