Impermanence in every step

“No man ever steps in the same river twice,

for it’s not the same river

and he’s not the same man.” ~Heraclitus

This has been a thought that has been going through my head over the last few weeks. Our lives are forever changing.

From the moment we were born, our lives were in a constant state of flux. Β We grew, we developed and we learned. And only in retrospect do we see just how fast things were changing for us. Move to the present moment and things seem to be moving slower. Our body’s development may have slowed down, but our respective environments are relentless. Home life is always moving, always changing. For those of us that have children, it may seem amplified with all the responsibilities that come with having our amazing kids. But for those that don’t have children, their lives are no less complicated or slower as it may be. Again, life is in constant flux.

The same philosophy can be said for us runners. We are always training to run longer, faster and more efficiently. And every run is not the same. We have a good runs, our so so runs, and the runs we just want to forget (but we still chalk it up in the positive column).

The environmental and metabolic factors are even constantly in flux. Β As we run, we are asking our bodies adapt. This adaptation hopefully occurs as we rest so that we can apply said adaptations to our runs. But the next time we are out running, the environmental factors are different. And because of this, we are asking our adaptations to adapt.

The constant “push and pull” of this process goes on and on.

Nothing in running is permanent. And it is this impermanence of running that I love. No experience is the same. No perceived exertion is identical on the same stretch of trail at the same speed. Our state of running is constantly in flux. And so are our lives.

For me, to love running is to love life.



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